Monday, October 1, 2007


Hurry up and wait, the traveller's life. Arrived at the airport almost two hours early, but of course things didn't open right then. Oh well, was near front of line most of the way through. Encountered some rudeness - one woman offended that old man in wheelchair and wife weren't exactly in line, were off to one side. Attempted to intervene on their behalf, had been there before me.. got evil glare for troubles. Sheesh. Better experience with next encounter. Woman in front of me began chatting. Turned out was photographer, in Ottawa to visit sister. Interesting conversation, spoke of Parliament Hill cats and travelling through India with 80-year-old woman doctor revered by locals. Quite different way of seeing country. Liked photographer's style, didn't need to exchange names, just mutual brief entertainment. Not like will see each other again.

Finally left Ottawa at sunrise.

Newark dull, with many baseball diamonds on approach to runway. American TV news rather strange, two biggest stories about immigration problem and nerd auction. Immigration problem seemed to refer to illegal immigrants from south. One guy had it right - help them improve standard of living back home and won't need to move. Nerd auction a group from MIT (?), public relations class using comp sci club to study. Got impression was somehow supposed to encourage women to enter tech fields? Didn't make sense. Food at airport also bad sort of American.. greasy shredded "home fries", jam tasted like cough syrup (probably no actual fruit). Was randomly amused by tennis ball on a stick used to clean up shoe scuff marks.

Meal was good for once, but only because meal choice messed up again. Had spent hours on phone with customer service trying to get veggie meal, but still hadn't worked. Nice stewardess found something in business class meal for me.. Fancy salad with yummy goat cheese, fresh fruit for dessert. Noticed seat mate, older Japanese gentleman, also writing in journal. Drew diagram of dinner, complete with colour.

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