Tuesday, October 2, 2007


Crossed date line somewhere in air before arrival in Tokyo. Rushed onto Skyline almost as soon as arrived, felt very conspicious with big backpack, sweaty gaijin face. However, Sensei's instructions for getting to hotel very good, so didn't get too lost. Once paused to study map, and immediately man stopped to help. Pointed where to go, and when I went the wrong way, chased after me and led to correct place.

Hotel staff flustered by English, but soon found "expert" on staff who spoke in very proper British accent (also found out later could speak very good French too).

Rooms small, of course, but adequate. Toilets down the hall, sink room a bit further, and communal (single gender) shower/bathroom on every second floor.

Others started to return to hotel soon after unpacked, showered. All went out for sushi with manager of hotel. Had large tables, with holes under for feet (like Suisha Gardens in Ottawa), and cubbies with wooden block key for shoes. Learned must not put socked feet on shoe floor even for a moment, and vice versa. Went for karaoke after dinner with Sensei, Denise, Batya, Helen, Soledad and manager of hotel. Was quite fun, everyone very into it. Strange selection of English songs, though, some really random songs and lack of popular (in Canada) songs. Sang "Lemon Tree" and "The Sign".

Went to convenience store before bed, got snacks and drinks. Learned that Calbee french-fry-shaped chips with veggie bits are yummy, as are madarin orange segments in jelly and sponge cakes. Also tried some apple lemonade and vitamin C tonics which were different but quite drinkable.

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Blue Ice-Tea said...

never heard the song "Lemon Tree" till i came to Hong Kong. Now it seems i hear it everywhere.